Monday, September 26, 2011

blessings in the midst of tears

I have such a heavy heart today. A very dear lady passed away this weekend, complications from her battle with cancer. She was my age. Why is it when someone dies we say, "she was too young" or "it so sad because she has kids" or "she was such a good chirstian woman". Would it make a difference if she didn't have all those things? Would it make it ok then? Would it hurt less? The fact is she was all those things and so much more. She had a huge heart for people, for kids, for her family and most importantly for Jesus. I have no doubt where she is now and she is rejoicing. Well done good and faithful servant. Regardless of how much comfort this brings to the family the fact remains that two beautiful children will grow up with only the legacy of how beautiful their mother was. I know it is not for us to understand God's ways and I have no doubt this was His will but my heart is still very heavy. I still mourn the loss of a dear woman and friend. It does make my list that much more meaningful today. Through tears as I type my many blessings...

~ wonderful sprinkles of rain through the sunshine
~ neighbors sharing their love of horses with our kids
~ bickering that turns to laughter
~ afternoon football
~ busy schedules
~ dinner as a family
~ crafting time
~ cuddles with the cat
~ sweet early morning cuddles with the littlest one
~ hearing "mommy I need to go to the baf-room"
~ family time
~ technology

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As I have said many times before....I LOVE Wednesdays. Ty is off work on Wednesdays and we get to spend time just hanging out together (plus Meara). We usually try to keep the day pretty low key but today we had several errands to run. Despite having to make several stops we had a nice day. The weather was beautiful, I got craft paint so I could finish a couple projects and we found this really cool kitchen island at my favorite "Antique" store....its been there since the spring so was marked WAY down (and I even haggled a little). So excited. :) The picture below is my "new-to-me" island and its a perfect depiction of my crazy life....we brought it in the house and in just a couple hours this is what it looks like.....sweatshirt, school books and a science project!
Gotta say that I love my life.....are there things I would change?? Sometimes! But mostly I am trying to be happy exactly where I am, right this moment. 
conquering fears...eagerly!

Making old things "new"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What an outstanding Labor Day weekend. We spent quality time with great friends, new and old, we had some great time together as a family too. We were given tickets to the last home game for the Naturals Baseball, got to watch fireworks and eat ballpark peanuts (yum), ate yummy homemade mexican food, played softball (parents against the kids), ate smores around a fire and didn't melt from the heat, had a bbq at home with friends and went fishing, then had a lazy Monday with nothing really that we had to do. The weather was absolutely beautiful. A little too cool for swimming in the pool but breezy cool weather after all those high temperatures this summer was a welcomed treat. The extra day this weekend was so nice since our crazy busy school schedule, fall ball, guitar lessons.......has all started. I feel like a headless chicken more often than not in the last few weeks but I love it. Being busy is far better than trying to entertain 4 bored kids. :)  My "thankful" list is kinda long since I haven't posted it up here in a while.

--great friends  --beautiful weather  --dirty tree climbin' clothes  --big fish  --delicious bbqs  --bbq sauce from back home  --bday breakfasts  --special lunches  --fantastic Craigs List finds  --husband that supports me in EVERYTHING I do  --new outfits (& shoes) from grandmas  --allergies from the ball fields  --texts from dad  --beautiful words from the bible, spoken directly to me  --strong women full of courage  --quiet cool mornings  --sweet puppy sleeping at (or on) my feet  --lazy mornings with nothing to do  --managable To-Do lists  --health  --music that speaks to me  --making time to be creative  --feeling safe  --being appreciated  --quiet house after kids are back in school

Thursday, August 18, 2011

paint covered hands = happy heart

Today I got to pull out all my *stuff* and just create. I had an idea in my head and I love being able to make that idea into something beautiful (and that actually looks somewhat like what I had in my head). A month or so ago I bought a barn window that said "bloom where you are planted" and ever since I got it I've wanted to creat my own. So today I did!
The window I bought

My version

--housework that can wait
--fingers and hands splattered with paint
--good friends that pick up craft supplies for me (thanks Jo)
--a friend that doesn't mind my messy house
--chores finished
--no complaints to hearing "leftovers tonight"
--understanding husband that always encourages
--beautiful words
--funny stories
--bedtime prayers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today was Ty's day off. I look forward to Wednesdays every week. Its so nice to have time just us (and Meara). We didn't do anything exciting but being together was nice.

 More gifts....

--quiet time
--wonderment of a 2 (and a 1/2) year old
--evening devotions
--playing outside as a family
--basketballs, softballs and toy jeeps


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Blessed

Crazy busy the last few days with school starting and birthday parties, Gravette Days' festivities......

To anyone that is keep track and keeping me accountable...I'm still stopping throughout the day and thanking God for that moment, I just haven't gotten those moments transferred to the blog! :)  I finished the book One.Thousand.Gifts and have started reading something new but same similar subject. Its good, scary, overwhelming, daunting & so many other things all at the same really learn, dig deeper & truly try to understand God on a different level than I have ever even considered before. Its an interesting journey to say the least. Trying to become the person God created me to be....

My list of gifts over the last couple of days:

--Small towns
--good friends
--fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade bbq
--Street Dances

--watching the kids experience pure joy, just being silly and run around in circles
--Birthday Party giggles
--disagreements that lead to long talks
--night before school butterflies
--pot roast cooking in the crockpot
--family meals & devotions
--letting go...and just running without worrying if someone will see me

taking something simple or plain & making it into something unique and beautiful
--Quiet mornings
--coffee on the back patio while listening to the birds sing

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Missed posting for a couple days.....

--"funder" and lightening (or dropped taters and flashlights)
--sweet little friends
--roller skating
--cooler overcast days
--comfort food
--grasshoppers and catapillars
--crackle paint
--school supplies

--new haircuts
--chore lists
--playing catch in the yard
--hardworking partner
--clean kitchen